Free Things To Do In Hunza Valley

If you plan to go to Hunza on your vacation, it will be one of the most beautiful trips ever! See Pakistan Tours and visit the best sights in the Hunza Valley by using the best Hunza Valley travel packages in Pakistan. To signify this, Hunza is Gilgit Baltistan’s most beautiful land. The Hunza Valley is famous for its breathtaking panoramic views and massive mountain range.

Things You Must Do

Rakaposhi Peak

The first is Rakaposhi’s point of view. Mount Rakaposhi can be seen from almost anywhere in Hunza. At an elevation of 7,888 meters, the peak is also a part of the Karakoram Mountains. Rakaposhi is Japanese for “light wall.” Famous glaciers such as Barpu, Biro, Bagrot, and Pisan cover the peaks. Rakaposhi’s dawn and dusk are simply breathtaking.


Karimabad, the capital of Hunza, is ranked second. The city is famous for its heritage, which includes the imperial coach. The town’s oldest structure is made up of stone houses and sidewalks. The Baltit Fort, the Queen Victoria Monument, and the Channel Walk are also notable landmarks in Karimabad. Furthermore, the glacier is situated in Ultra, Karimabad.

Altit Fort

Fort Altit is a historic castle located on the Karimabad River in the Hunza Valley. The title of Mirs was bestowed upon the hometown of Hunza’s hereditary king. Fort Altit is the site of a former princely residence from about 1100 years ago. It is currently being used as a museum. These two fortresses are architectural and artistic masterpieces. The Aga Khan Culture Foundation has revamped the grand concept, preserving a legacy for future generations.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is another castle in the Hunza Valley that should not be missed. The castle’s base is believed to date back 600 years. Reconstruction, on the other hand, has been going on for decades. Baltit Castle in Karimabad, one of Hunza’s landmarks, is constructed on massive legs and has wooden windows overlooking the valley. Initially, it served as Mirs’s apartment.

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