Which things to do in Hunza and Nalter valley?

Using the best Hunza Valley tour packages in Pakistan, See Pakistan Tours allows you to visit the ten top sights in the Hunza Valley. Things to Do in the Hunza Valley can be found here. To celebrate, Hunza is Gilgit Baltistan’s most beautiful land. The Hunza Valley is famous for its breathtaking panoramic vistas and massive mountain range.

Rakaposhi Peak

The first is Rakaposhi’s viewpoint. Mount Rakaposhi can be seen from almost any location in Hunza. At an elevation of 7,888 meters, the peak is also a part of the Karakoram Mountains. Rakaposhi is a Japanese word that means “bright wall.” Famous glaciers like Barpu, Biro, Bagrot, and Pisan surround the peaks. Rakaposhi’s dawn and dusk scenes are breathtaking.


Karimabad, Hunza’s capital, is the second on the list. The royal coach, as well as the city’s history, are well-known. Stone houses and streets are the town’s oldest landmarks. The Baltit Fort, the Queen Victoria Monument, and the Channel Walk are among prominent Karimabad landmarks.

Altit Fort

The Hunza Valley’s Fort Altit is a historic fortress on the Karimabad River. The title of Mirs was bestowed on the hometown of Hunza’s hereditary monarch. Fort Altit is the site of a former princely house dating back over 1100 years. It is now used as a museum in the area. These two strongholds are architectural and artistic wonders. The Aga Khan Culture Foundation has modified the magnificent design, preserving it for future generations.

Baltit Fort

The Baltit Fort is another fortification in the Hunza Valley that should be seen. The castle’s foundation stretches back 600 years, according to legend. Reconstruction, on the other hand, has been underway for millennia. Baltit Castle near Karimabad, one of Hunza’s most famous sites, seems like something out of a fairy tale, with its massive legs and wooden windows overlooking the valley. Initially, it served as Mirs’ dwelling.

These are some of the places that you would want to visit and witness in Hunza. So make your bookings now with the Nouvelliste Pakistan to experience the best tours in Pakistan.