What is the Booking procedure?

Confirmations will only be considered after submitting the initial advance payment. For Karachi Package Rs. 10,000/- For Islamabad Package Rs. 5000/- The remaining payment must be deposited a week before the departure date. Important Note For Each Member Outdoor activities/ tours may face the weather, local politics, transport, or many other factors beyond the control of organizers, resulting in a change of itinerary. It is, however, very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered, if alterations are necessary the Leader and Guide will decide what is the best alternative, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group

1- In Group Tour Hotels are Standard Category with 3/4 sharing in a room. You will have to Adjust with someone in a room, we provide an extra mattress for quad sharing

2- DUE TO UNAVOIDABLE CONDITIONS (Unexpected Landslides / Rain / Closure of Route & Roads) In Case of Closure of any route. itinerary can be changed accordingly. THE ITINERARY CAN BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME IN THE TOUR.

3- If any Change in tour plan (due to unavoidable Conditions as mentioned above) results in the change of cost and the extra amount will be paid by the guest on a sharing basis.

4- Team TNP is not responsible for Train Bogies or Coaches condition, also not responsible for Train late arrival or departure as it is beyond our control. what are the Terms and condition?
◘ Please bring National Identity Card (CNIC) and a copy of CNIC along with you (mandatory). The Company reserves the right to refuse any participant, who does not have CNIC, to board the trip without any refund.
◘ The Company reserves the unfettered right to substantially change, alter or modify the trip schedule without any prior intimation to participants and/or costs due to unforeseen factors including without limitation to traffic jams, landslides, riots, terrorist activity, political turmoil, bad weather or as deemed fit to be in the best interest of the whole group by the Company.
◘ You warrant and affirm that you will not get involved in any character failing activity, including but not limited to use of obscene language or as the Company or its representative(s) deems fit, during the trip and acknowledge that failure to abide by this provision will entitle the Company to drop you off from rest of the trip without any refund.
◘ Please take care about the other participants’ respect and privacy. The Company and its representative(s) reserve the right to remove any person from the trip without warning in case of non-compliance with this condition.
◘ If, for any unforeseen reason or activity that is beyond the control of the Company, the trip is cancelled at any time before departure then participants will be entitled to refund of their respective amount paid to the Company after 20% deductions from amount paid and/or charging any administrative costs incurred to make such refunds.
◘ The Company shall be entitled to make 100% deduction along with any administrative costs incurred on total amount or full initial deposit, as the case may be, if the participant cancels his/her booking in last two days before departure.
◘ You warrant and affirm that you do not possess any explosives, weapons or prohibited drugs of any sort throughout the trip. The Company and its representative(s) shall not be held liable for any situation that arises due to your mollification or negligence and you shall hold the Company and its representative(s) harmless and indemnified from any legal or civil consequences arising out of your actions in this regard. Any participant found to be in possession of aforementioned restricted article(s) shall be immediately dropped from the trip without any refund.
◘ In case of theft, robbery or loss or damage by any means whatsoever, to personal belongings of participants, regardless of their monetary value, during the trip, the Company or its representative(s) shall not be held liable for any such loss or damage be it direct or indirect.
◘ You warrant and affirm that you will use/handle any of the Company’s equipment provided to you during the course of this trip will utmost reasonable skill and care and warrant to not damage Company’s property/equipment and/or any service tool under the possession of Company being used for the trip. If you fail to adhere to this condition, either intentionally or negligently, you shall be bound to pay/reimburse/indemnify the Company for its losses and any consequential damages that may arise from your failure to comply with this condition.
◘ The Company will take all reasonably possible measures to ensure safety and well-being of participants of the trip, however, in case any unwanted situation arises which is beyond the reasonable control of the Company or its representative(s) and in presence of any unforeseeable, inevitable event, the Company and/or its representative(s) shall, by any reason whatsoever, not be held liable and responsible for any consequences.

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What are the Children Policy?

Up to 2 years stay free (no seat). 50% of Event fee for +2-09 years with child/folding seats in transport & accommodation with parents in Hotel

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What type of Meals we will get there?

Breakfast : Anda, Pharhata, Milk Tea, Channe, Omlette (On Rotation) Dinner : Chicken Karahi, Biryani, Qorma, Handi, BBQ , Chicken Fried Rice, Vegetables & Dall , Raita, Salad , Chatni, Naan (On Rotation).

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What is the Cancellation Policy?

7 days before the departure, 50% deduction. 3 days before the departure, 75% deduction. Less than 3 days before the departure, 100% deduction

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what is the Registration Procedure?

1) BANK DEPOSIT Deposit Rs.15,000/- per head advance in the following account:
a) Bank Name: Dubai Islamic Bank Account Title: The Nouvelliste Pakistan Account #: 0810595274001
b) Bank Name: Meezan Bank Ltd. Account Title: Saqib Hussain Account #: 0143-0103869190

2) VISIT OUR OFFICE Visit our office to deposit cash amount and get receipt. LOCATION Office: Office# 202 , 2nd Floor-Gohar chamber Sultan Ahmed Shah Road, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Jinnah Housing Society PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75100

3) Easypaisa: Send payment through any of the above mentioned service on the following details Mobile: 0316-2606485

4) Submit advance by any method & SMS/WhatsApp below details on 0336-2164294 Trip Name and date Payment receipt Participants names CNIC numbers of participants Contact numbers of participants Total no of seats & joining from.

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What are the important things that should be carried on the Trip?

Ruck Sack, Warm Trouser, Warm Jacket, Warm hi-neck -Rain Coat or Parka Jacket and Trouser -Warm gloves, Woolen socks, Woolen cap, Sunglasses -Water bottle (normal 1.5 L bottle of any soft drink also work) -Trekking stick, Trekking boots, or Durable Joggers -Torch with extra Batteries, Tissue roll -First aid basic medicines for personal use

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