Why Pakistan can become the top most tourist destination in the world?

Tourism in Pakistan has really flourished in the last few years. Different tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the different landscapes, infrastructure, and beauty of this country.

Pakistan can become the topmost tourist destination in the world just because of its distinct features;

Religious Tourism:

Pakistan has such a great religious lifestyle and religious tourism can easily be done in no more time. There are so many historic and beautiful mosques in Pakistan with beautiful Islamic heritage. The Sufi trail also arises from the Sindh province Pakistan has not only Islamic buildings but also has Sikhism, Buddhism cultures and has the travels of Guru Nanak. As well as some of the most important Hindu sites are also located in this country. Due to all these different cultures, Pakistan can become a prime tourist site for all those tourists who are interested in history, culture, and religion.

Mountains of Pakistan:

Pakistan is home to a large number of mountains from the very famous K2, to the mysterious Trich Mir. Every peak is naturally unique and has something to offer to tourists. So both the locals and tourists can enjoy over a hundred peaks above 7,000 meters and four of the highest peaks in the world. Various mountains are visited by mountaineers and geologists from all around the world every year. Here is a shortlist of some of the best mountains in Pakistan that offer to both beginners, serious mountaineers, and geologists.

  • K2 the Savage
  • Nanga Parbat the Vicious
  • The Mist Veiled Rakaposhi
  • The Unparalleled Ladyfinger Peak
  • The Dark and Mysterious Tirich Mir
  • The Most Beautiful Musa ka Musallah

The climate of Pakistan:

Pakistan has different climates varying from one region to another. In many parts of Pakistan, the climate is tropical or subtropical, semi-arid or desert, but in the Northern areas, there are some places near the mountains which are quite cold and rainy. Half of the year from late autumn to early spring, the North is reached by weather fronts of Mediterranean origin, which causes rainfall in the lower lands and snowfall in the mountains. It is the best time to visit the Northern areas.

In spring (March and April) the clash between air masses can cause strong winds and thunderstorms. In summer, from July to September the country has monsoon weather. The warmest months are those that precede the monsoon, especially June which is too hot at high altitudes.

Arts and Culture of Pakistan:

The culture and arts of Pakistan are quite different from any other country. The handicrafts are famous all around the world. These include calligraphy, pottery, wood carvings, marble carvings, handmade embroidery on cultural dresses, block printed ajrak, ceramic plates, brass plates, khusa, and too more. These items now become Pakistan’s top export. Many tourists take to these as gifts of Pakistan with them.

Food Culture of Pakistan:

Pakistan is so diverse in its cultures, traditions, clothing, languages, and of course delicious foods. Wherever you go you will find a variety of delicious dishes because food is one of the most favorite things of the people of Pakistan. Some food items like Chana chaat, gol gappay and dahi bhalay make someone mouthwatering. No matter the time you can get anything you want to eat almost everywhere. If it is late night, no worries, you will still find amazing foods.

Punjab, a highly populated province of Pakistan, specializes in “Desi Foods’’. A special type of drink made from milk and yogurt called “Lassi’’ is the most famous thing here. Paye, Gol Gappay, Murgh Chany are the favorite food here.

A lot of delicious dishes are famous in Sindh. Biryani, Haleem, Nihari, Chaat, Samosas, Rolls, Bun Kabab, Shaami Kabab are favorites among the people here.

People who live in Balochistan are tough so they mostly prefer protein containing foods to eat like Chicken Sajji and khadi kabab.

Kheber Pukhtoon khuwa (KPK), the province of Pathan are unique with their food too. One of the famous things is “Chapli Kababs” here.  people all around the world love to eat this special delicious dish. As well as curry Afghan Karahi is the specialty of KPK.

People of Pakistan :

  • Pakistani people are very hospitable.

Domestic or international Guests, tourists, and visitors, are always happily welcomed with open arms. Even the poorest laborers help new visitors. In Islam, the guests are blessings from God, and the teaching of Islam is to give the best treatment to guests as much as possible. Pakistanis show love and respect towards guests.

  • Family bonds are very strong in Pakistan.

Family comes to Pakistan due to religious, cultural, economic, and societal values. Pakistani society is not led by individualism but rather by collectivism where relationships stand strong.

  • The people are friendly and have varying levels of gender segregation.

Due to Islamic influences, non-urban areas of Pakistan have varying levels of gender segregation, while in big cities, there are too have conservative expectations in terms of interactions between men and women. Couples usually don’t hug or kiss in public places. Regardless of that, the people of South Asian Muslim majority are helpful, friendly, humble, and approachable.

Final Words:

Every place in Pakistan has its own unique culture due to the fact of beautiful ambulation of different cultures, Pakistan can become the topmost famous tourist destination in the world.